Letter from the President

Michael Kennelly, MD, FACP
ASCIP President

It is my honor and privilege to serve you all as the President of ASCIP for 2019-2021. Whether you are a longstanding member who helped ASCIP form back in 2009, or a new member, we are all part of a team in pursuit of our foundational mission statement, “Many Minds…One Vision”. Through our interdisciplinary collaborations, we pursue our mission to optimize the health of individuals with SCI/D as we learn, mentor, and explore in much the same way that we come together every day for the individuals that we serve.

As the medical field and healthcare environment continues to change, these differences can often impact our abilities as healthcare providers for individuals with a spinal cord injury or disorder. It is crucial in this shifting climate to remain vigilant in our efforts to provide the best care to individuals impacted by these injuries and disorders.

ASCIP is uniquely positioned by its multidisciplinary background to provide a diverse set of professional expertise, which allows us to explore and discover new aspects of SCI/D.

I hope to serve our community well in my tenure as President. It is my honor to work alongside strong leaders in the field of SCI/D in the Governance Board, Section Boards, Committees, our Executive Director and the FIRM. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions or suggestions at michael.kennelly@atriumhealth.org.

Best Regards,

Michael Kennelly, M.D. FACS
President, ASCIP